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DLB, Daddy's Little Boy
by Vince Mercardante, Sr.
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People search for their identities in education, wealth, careers, and even in religious involvements. To try to find their true selves, people often set their lives on a course of frustration, strife, and even destruction.

For more than 40 years author Vince Mercardante Sr., experienced this same kind of identity search as he struggled with insecurity, shame, and guilt. One day while on an international flight in 2005, he cried out in desperation, "God, I don't know who I am”. It was then that he heard the voice of God say, “You are my son!" This set Vince on a path of discovering his true identity in Christ—uncovering helps that he now shares with others.

Vince discloses that the greatest identity anyone could have in this life is that of being a son or daughter of the Living God. The other titles we frequently carry do not reflect who we are but only what we do. Being Daddy’s Little Boy or Girl (DLB/DLG) is a privilege bestowed on us by our Savior and older Brother, Jesus. Vince contends that when we understand who we truly are, the gates of hell will never prevail against us!

The Offense of Grace
by Vince Mercardante, Sr.
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Offense of Grace

Jesus’ ministry had been well established by the time He made a trip back to His hometown. But rather than welcome back their native son as the savior He was, the town noted only the return of the carpenter’s son—just another hometown boy. The price of their prejudice? They experienced few of the wonders that Jesus had performed so freely in the cities and streets of strangers. Those who should have known Jesus best could not fathom Father God working so divinely through someone they saw as all too human.

Today how many others have been overlooked because of the same kind of prejudice? Are you one who took a wrong turn, revealing your own all-too-human side? Are you now wondering whether your Father can ever use you again? Are you asking yourself how you can face those you hurt? Or how you can respond to those who still accuse you? Do you wonder how you can serve as an instrument of God when you can’t even seemto shovel through your own wracking guilt?

The Offense of Grace has the answers. In loving, no-nonsense language, author Vince Mercardante acknowledges the cost of sin, but then coaches you on how to get back on track. Why sit on the sidelines, Mercardante asks—especially when you have a Father whose redemptive power can transform tragic missteps into victory laps!


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