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Rose and I were married in 1972 and are the proud parents of four boys and six grandchildren. We were pastors for 20 years before the Father allowed us to launch Father Speaks Ministries and to be able to share His love to the many hurting, discouraged and disheartened Christians wherever He would send us.

In 1995, I (Vince), found myself depressed, angry, not caring if I lived or died, and wanting to just run away to “escape” to Iowa to work on a pig farm (ironic isn’t it?). To say the least, I was at the end of my rope! All of this while still preaching 4 or 5 times a week at church and writing a column in the local news paper which I had done for over 20 years.

This was my testimony. “I tried all the ‘right things’, I thought, to get God to love me and fill the void within me. I would read as many chapters of the Bible as I could and at times pray two or three hours a day. I thought that by doing more the Father would give me the peace and rest that I so desperately needed in my life. I felt that if I could preach better, fast more, visit more or give more, everything would be better. But sadly, nothing seemed to help and I became little more than a ‘human doing’ rather than a ‘human being! I had an intellectual knowledge of God’s love, but not an experiential knowledge of that love.’ Then, I was presented with the revelation of the Father’s Love in 1998 at a Jack Frost conference, and it saved my life, my family and my church as well!”

For several years prior to 2005, we were feeling the Father calling us out of the local church into a different type of ministry, but had no idea what that would be or how it would look. Then in 1999 we met James and Denise Jordan, founders of Father Heart Ministries, in Taupo, New Zealand. This proved to be a meeting that would change our lives forever. In 2002 and 2003 James came and preached at our church.

Then after a two week visit to Taupo, New Zealand in August of 2004, we resigned our church and left for New Zealand, spending the majority of 2005 working with Father Heart Ministries. This was a tremendous time of rest, reevaluation, and restoration for both of us! It can be said that James and Denise saved our lives for a second time. We found that the Father's Love was far more than just a message they proclaimed, but it was more a life they lived!

In February of 2006, we were privileged to travel for two months with James and Denise to Ireland, England, Holland, Canada and then to Pasadena California. Four days after returning from this trip Rose and I left for Seoul, Korea to teach on the Father Heart of God and Bitterness and Forgiveness in three different YWAM schools there in Seoul. Before the end of that year we had traveled to Myanmar and Singapore. Now, just three short years later, we have not only traveled to several other countries, but I (Vince) have been to Korea 11 times now! The open door the Father has given us to the Korean people not only in Korea, but across the states as well has been nothing less than miraculous and humbling.

In July of 2006, Father Speaks Ministries was birthed. The mandate of this ministry is to “Teach, preach and demonstrate the Father’s Love to the world!”   We also have a heart for pastors and their wives, desiring to see them walk in the freedom, encouragement and rest that only an experiential revelation of the Father’s love can bring. I have spoken at seven pastor's conferences in Korea and have personally spoken to and prayed for at least 200 hundred pastors during the last three years. Please pray for our pastors!

We are available for meetings, seminars or conferences at your church and can be contacted at vince@fatherspeaks.org . Some of the messages we speak on are:

  • “The Orphan spirit”
  • “The Foundations of son-ship”
  • “The Character of Father God”
  • "The Five Faces of the Prodigal"
  • “The Cycle of pain vs. The Cycle of healing”
  • “Restoring the Foundations of Love”
  • “His Gentleness makes me great!


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