We ask you to dream dreams with us! In November of 2006 we were in Busan, Korea on top of “Galilee Prayer Mountain” teaching at the first ever Pastor’s Father Heart School in Korea. For two weeks we were able to walk around this place and just pray and open our hearts and minds to the Father. It was an awesome experience.

While we were walking and praying one day I felt the Lord speak to me. I began to see a ministry center where people could come from around the world for a few days, weeks or even months to learn about, be saturated in, and be restored with the Father’s Love. A place where pastors, leaders or anyone else could come and stay in an environment of prayer, praise and peace!

Here is what I saw at that time: A piece of land with 50 to 100 acres, with a lake or stream running through the property. There were places where vegetables could be grown, a few animals could be raised, and enough area for hiking or just long walks for reflection. I saw a general meeting hall that would seat at least 200 people for meals and also for joint services. Surrounding this were cabins where people could stay while at this place.

I envisioned having seminars available on continuous bases. I saw us bringing speakers in from around the world to come and bring refreshment and encouragement to those at this ministry center. There was training going on to teach people to walk in and pour out the Father’s Love to their world. This was not a place where people would come and stay forever, but a place where they would come, be healed and restored, filled, and then taught how to be poured out to those around them.

I again saw this in March of 2007 just before going to teach a seminar in Scotland. We are not sure exactly where this will be or how it will come to pass, but lay this vision out before everyone we come in contact with to enlist their joining with us in prayer for the fulfillment of this dream!

If the Lord speaks to you while reading this please let us know. If He speaks to you to help this become a reality financially, or if perhaps He lays on your heart a place where we might build this ministry center, please let me know! You may know of or own the exact place I have described.

Thank you for dreaming dreams with us and for interceding on our behalf for all that the Father desires for this ministry!

Vince Mercardante

March 9, 2009

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