Our Purpose

What is the purpose of our ministry? As I think of sharing with you our “purpose” as a ministry and as a couple, I can’t help but think of many things. My heart is stirred with what I feel is the greatest of messages for the world today. I can think of the people around the world we desire to reach and the lives we hope to see changed. I think of souls being saved, lives being renewed and vision being restored back to those who have given up. Finally, I think of the many people who simply need to know that they are loved and that the hurts and wounds of their lives can be healed!

But even as I think on the things above I realize that I may be neglecting that which is the most important. So, I lay out for you in the simplest way I know how what our purpose is and what the purpose of this ministry is. Anything after that is simply an out flow of the overflow of the inflow of Daddy’s love and grace in our lives!

Our Purpose:

To know the Father’s Love. To know Him more intimately every day and to learn to rest in His arms. To deepen our personal relationship with Him through the Word, prayer, meditation or simply just sitting silent before Him enjoying His presence.

The purpose of our Ministry:

To demonstrate this relationship to others, giving them hope that they too can enjoy these things!


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