Welcome to Father Speaks Ministries

You have just come across the web site of Father Speaks Ministries and we are so glad you did! Whether you found us through a deliberate search or came across us by accident, either way, we are so thankful you did and believe the Father may have led you here!

Who are we?

We are Vince and Rose Mercardante and at present we live in Jefferson, Georgia. Our story is all too familiar in the "Church" today. We, like so many others, loved the Lord, served Him the best we knew how, but after years of walking with Him we still felt we were missing something!

Our Christian walk, we discovered, was fear based rather than affection based! We felt that we had to “earn” God’s love by “doing the stuff” Christians are “supposed” to do. Of course we should read the Word, pray, witness, fast when He leads us, and serve, but we found that these were not triggers that made Him love us more, nor did the lack of these things make Him love us less.

As a result of our fear based relationship with the Lord we found ourselves always frustrated, fearful, discouraged, and, at least for me, always at the verge of giving up. This culminated for me to the point that even while teaching and preaching 4 or 5 times a week, I was depressed, suicidal, angry, and wanting to just run away!

Why are we here?

Please feel free to click on the “Teaching Videos” button above and watch the short video entitled “Welcome to the Father Speaks Ministries web site". Basically, we are here for you! We have either been where you are at right now in life or have ministered to others who are. We have experienced the loneliness, emptiness, fear, frustration and disillusionment in life and in our Christian walk that you may be experiencing.

Our goal is simple. It is to help others to see, feel and experience the Father’s Love and to find the peace, fulfillment and acceptance that we know will transform lives and set people free to fulfill the destiny God has for them! Thank you for visiting us today.

In His Love,
Vince and Rose Mercardante


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